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Our services and prices will vary according to the breed of dog and individual needs which we can discuss when scheduling appointment. 

dog groomer annapolis grooming_annapolisgroomer annapolis marylanddog grooming annapolis

Some services offered include:

  • Bath (Every dog is thoroughly washed with high quality shampoo specifically chosen for dog’s coat and skin type).
  • De-shed - We remove undercoat and loose hair while our dogs are in the tub and again when we have them on the grooming table so that when they go back to you they are free of excess hair.
  • Blowout- Unlike many grooming shops our dogs are hand blown and fluff dried (No cage dryers).
  • Haircut- According to breed specifications and owner request
  • Anals expressed
  • Nail trim- cut and dremelled
  • Teeth cleaning


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